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About Parikrama

    Parikrama Group of Institutions is a brain child of Hon. Shri Babanrao Pachpute, whose foresight and entrepreneurial abilities have created one of the largest integrated campus in the country. Parikrama is the only of its kind “Village for global welfare” that spreads over 110 acres of lush green country side of Maharashtra with urban outlook and facilities. Parikrama started its educational activities in 2009 with a range of educational courses from KG to PG. Today, the Society has over hundreds of students on the roll of Public School, Parikrama Polytechnic, Parikrama Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sciences ,College of Pharmacy, College of Engineering, Institute of Management.

About Trust

Hon. Shri Babanrao Pachpute Vichardhara Trust was formed in 2006 to carry out various social, cultural and educational activities in Kashti and other places.
The vision of Trust is social transformation and social change in Indian society and to achieve this, we are emphasizing on education of Indian masses as the main tool. Our motto is to create a world class education infrastructure.

To achieve the social transformation, Trust planned to take place different activities in following sphere in the coming years:
  • Education
  • Rural Health
  • Women Empowerment
  • Rural Economy
  • Youth and Sports Development

"KG to PG" is our motto in educational development. To achieve this we have already taken our first step in the form of Parikrama Group of Institutions which includes College of Engineering, Institute of Management,College of Pharmacy,Diploma in Engineering,Diploma in Pharmacy,Science College and Public school.

In future we are planning to take following initiatives in education sector:
  • Residential schools, schools for hearing impaired, physically challenged
  • Computer facilities for poor students
  • Competitive Examination Training Center
  • To spread literacy mission
  • Promote education in fields such as D.Ed., B.Ed., B.P.Ed., Law college, Arts, Home Science Ayurveda, Herbal medicine etc.

Rural Health
Around 70% of India’s population still lives in rural areas. Thus developing rural health infrastructure becomes very important. We, apart from creating educational infrastructure in health are planning to take.

Following steps in rural health development:
  • Improve rural health infrastructure of the villages
  • Organize health camps, blood donation camps, spread awareness about AIDS, cancer, eye donation
  • To make available free medical treatment, ambulances etc.

Women Empowerment
Women forms around half of India’s population. Thus empowering women in India will certainly lead to development of Indian society. Realizing this we are planning to take .

Following initiatives:
  • Home for destitute women
  • Tailoring, embroidery, weaving and knitting classes
  • Self help groups for women

Boosting Rural Economy
Rural economy forms backbone of Indian society which is largely dependent on agriculture and allied activities such as poultry, honey bee farming, dairy development.
Parikrama is located in rural background. We think we have an obligation to work for upliftment of these rural areas. We are planning to take.

Following activities to uplift the rural economy:
  • Tree plantation, water catchment area development, forest development programs, program for development of horticulture, social forestry
  • Training on water harvesting, use of water and water management
  • Agricultural training programs
  • Soil education schools, soil improvement programs
  • Use of non conventional energy resources such as solar, wind, biogas and gobar gas
  • Processing of agricultural produce, improvement of yield
  • Creating employment by providing training in businesses like dairy development, poultry, honey bee farming etc.

Youth and Sports Development
Youth and sports development is the key to create a dynamic future for the society. Recognizing this, at Parikrama we give more emphasize on youth development through sports and extra curriculum activities.

Following are some activities we are taking in this direction:
  • Create awareness and liking of sports among youth
  • Organize Indian and foreign sports competitions
  • To make available sports infrastructure such as sports grounds and gymanasium, training, sports equipments


  • To make Parikrama a role model to bring social transformation and social change in Indian society by creating new enlightened citizens who are technically sound, globally active and socially responsible.
  • To establish global leadership in field of Engineering and Technology to create human resource to serve society and build nation
  • To create talented, skilled, professionally competent and perpetually evolving pharmacists from rural mass.
  • Create niche in polytechnic education with higher standard of quality to create skilled manpower according to the demands of industry


We endeavor:

  • To develop among our students the ability to work creatively and effectively for the betterment of humankind, in effect our country and the world.
  • To advance knowledge and educate students in science, technology and other areas that will best serve India and the world.
  • To achieve excellence in education, research and development and training.

Founder's Message

Founder's Message
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'Parikrama' means a journey around Globe, an initiation of a tour from particle to infinity .. The journey through knowledge, efforts and humanity. 'Parikrama' begins this journey at one heart and may it take the concern and affection to all throughout the world.

Hon. Shri. Babanrao Pachpute

Founder Parikrama College

President's Message

President's Message
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In this fact paced competitive world, unabated learning and ability to innovate are the key focus areas of most organizations. We have designed our programmes keeping exactly these demands of the industry in mind to ensure that the students get opportunities to maximize their learning and increase the horizon of their knowledge.                                                                                                                         Dr. Pratibha Pachpute                                                                                                                                                          President,

Hon.Shri.Babanrao Pachpute Vichardhara Trust

About Kashti

Kasti is a panchayat village in the state of Maharashtra, India,on the left (east) bank of the Ghod River, across the river from the village of Tandali. Administratively, Kasti is under Shrigonda Taluka of Ahmadnagar District in Maharashtra. There is only the single village of Kasti in the Kashti gram panchayat.The railroad station is 5 km by road south of the village. Kasti is 16 km by road southwest of the town of Shrigonda, and 14 km by road north of the town of Daund. (,,_Maharashtra )